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Alan 2 years ago
So, you don't fuck these girls I guess, but, money wasted on a hand job!!
Jake 2 years ago
She got her money, she is happy. She decided to do it
Noooo 1 year ago
She is so beautiful but once he opens her pussy and there were warts he licked it anyways
3 months ago
She is very beautiful
Fetish4longhair 6 months ago
I want sit on her shouldersk, fuck, her long hair and cum
shuck 2 years ago
how can a grown man,go around a pay young ladies for sex,and use them like this,he has no etich,he even not use condom,and he goes from young lady to young lady,what if he has hiv,he is using young girls like meet,i have no respect for this man.so it is,and i am against this,if you want to help them just give them money and let them be,i thingk its disscusting,no respect for this man thanks
Dep 1 year ago
She is beautiful. I do not know her age despite what she may say. I do not agree with prostitution & I never blame the ones selling their bodies. They have to survive.
4 months ago
This guy is a dog. The Trike and Tuk Tuk have how many Thai vids out there? So how many did this guy do? To make a living off doing prostitutes without giving the womans something other her normal fee is pretty dam poor. Most of these women will get a little something and Tuk and Trike will make there killing.
Okie 1 year ago
I don't care if you are paying these girls, you are a predator! Taking advantage of poor filipinas is sick and wrong!
Dortmund Donahue 1 month ago
seems gayer than ladyboys and she's full of diseases. Nice smile though