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iwantmysexlikethis 6 years ago
Is there any information I can get to contact him??
fuckmeinthepussy 6 years ago
I've had anal before my first time was bad so bad! He just went in it only hurt my ass since it didnt go in, #StillFeelingRegrets
ugh 6 years ago
i love how he sucks on her titties, i wish i had someone to suck them
badgurl 6 years ago
lost my virginity to my ex... bad bad bad! he didnt fuck good he was shaking & his penis was very small
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This type of men or guys or garbage shouldn't exist in the entire world
Taking all the virgin girls and women away
They leave nothing for the nice and shy guys or men
Stupid society and feminism
my pussy is wet 6 years ago
cock ASAP
iwantmysexlikethis 6 years ago
Where can i contact him?
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